Curriculum Vitae
Evgenia Golant


1973 Born in St. Petersburg, Russia

2001 Graduated from St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Russia


2015 Grant from Kone Foundation for the Winter War project, Finland


2013 Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) Residency

2011 Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture, Science and Education of Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania, Germany to work at the Künstlerhaus Lukas

2010 “Forumak Leto” Artist Workshop, Helsinki, Finland

2008 Dwaer’s International Artist Workshop for Women, Egypt

2008 Urban Wasanii international Artist Workshop in Kenya, Kuona Trust

2008 Braziers International Artist’s Workshop Residency, England

2007 International Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria. Class: “Installation” (Christian Tomaszewski)

2006 International Summer Academy for Artists in Salzburg, Austria. Class : “Media workshop” (Shirin Neshat and Shoja Azari)

Group Shows

2014 Rauma Baltic Biennale

2014 “Perceiving Art” Contemporary Art for Visually Impaired Children. St. Petersburg, Russia

2014 “Project with accent”, Moscow, Russia

2013 “New ideas for the city”, Museum of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg, Russia

2012 “Art Prospect’, The First Large-Scale Public Art Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia

2012 “Polytechnical Fairytales” Emily Newman and Evgenia Golant, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St.Petersburg Library, St. Petersburg, Russia

2011 “Kaliningrad and Ahrenshoop 1:1 - Residency and Consequence”, Kalinigrad, Russia

2010 “Stories from Admiralteiskaya Area”, CEC Artlinks, St. Petersburg, Russia

“Nord art 2010”, Budelsdorf, Germany

2010 “Women Logic”, Uusikuva Gallery, Borey Gallery, Finland

2009 “Luda”, Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg, Russia

2009 “Paintings”, Anna Zholud Studio-Gallery, “Na Raione”, St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 “New Ideas for City”, The State Museum of City Sculpture, St. Petersburg, Russia

2005 “Scientist through the Eyes of Artists”, Institute of Applied Astronomy, St. Petersburg, Russia

2004 “Timurovskay Command”, Gallery S.P.A.S., St. Petersburg, Russia

2003 “Tradition and Modern”, Central Exhibition Hall Maneg, St. Petersburg, Russia

2003 “Selected Places. 300 Anniversary of St.Petersburg”, State Gallery, Yaroslavl, Russia

2002 “Selected Places”, Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 “Collection of Art Brut”, Borey Art Centre, St Petersburg, Russia

Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Home in Karelia” Mynamaki library and Cultural Center, Finland

2013 “Remade in Kallio” Kallio Kunsthale, Helsinki, Finland

2012 “At tht market” Red Bridge Gallery, Vologda, Russia

2009 “Father” Ludagallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

2009 “At the Market” Kusnechnii Market, St.Petersburg, Russia

2007 “Parents” Borey Art Center, St Petersburg, Russia

2005 “Fruit mountains from Caucas” Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 “Positivs” DiDi Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 “Second Layer” Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 Centre of Psychological Help, Paris, France

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